Using Automatic Feeders to Feed Your Goldfish

For many people keeping fish, making sure that they are properly fed can turn into a burden. If new owners are not aware of how often feedings need to occur, daily care can become tiresome but feeding fish while on vacation is possible with an automatic feeder. Most experts recommend feeding your fish small portions of food a minimum of three times per day, while many people will feed 5 or more times throughout the day.

Unless you work while at home or are around consistently enough to keep up with regular feedings, the most viable option may be an automatic feeder. These feeders can be set to provide a portion of food to your fish tank at specific intervals.

Get a Brand You Can Trust

There are many companies out there which produce quality automatic feeders. It is important to research a company before using their product, as the health of your fish can depend on how well the automatic feeder works.Some of the most popular types of feeders include: Fish Mate, Eheim and Dazs.


Use Quality Food and Measure on How Much is Dispensing

Whenever you install a new automatic fish feeder, it is important to monitor its functionality. Different models will work differently with various types of food, so be sure to watch how well your new feeder is performing. Many models can dispense round pellets much more evenly than flake food, but no matter what you feed, ensuring you’re using a high-quality food which will evenly dispense should be the biggest priority. It is important to make sure that the feedings are being done evenly and accurately, as underfeeding can lead to skinny and unhealthy goldfish.

Make Sure Your Automatic Feeder is Clean

When looking at automatic feeds, make sure that the model you are considering can be easily cleaned. Anytime you are dealing with food, mold should be a constant concern. With complex and improperly cleaned feeders, moist food residue can create mold over time which can be harmful to your fish population if it gets into the tank.

It is important to regularly take your feeder apart and clean it well. This can not only keep mold from forming on its surface but can also ensure that the feeding mechanism does not clog due to leftover food pieces. Common maintenance should include wiping crumbs from the discharge hole whenever you refill the feeder as this area has is one of the most likely to come into contact with moisture.

Following a feeding schedule of 3 times per day can become difficult for many fish owners, especially those who work long hours away from home. By incorporating an automatic feeder into your tank setup, you can schedule reliable feedings, even when you are far from your fish. By purchasing a high-quality performing feeder and ensuring that it is properly maintained, you can remove a lot of the time requirements of caring for your fish and spend more time enjoying their beauty.

South East Asia in the Winter

When the seasons start changing and your hometown starts getting cold then everyone should consider visiting South East Asia.  Asia during the American winter is prime time and there are so many fun things to do.  Our first recommendation for visiting would be the Philippines.  The Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands and has a wonderful and warm culture.  As you could probably imagine, there are beaches everywhere since there are so many islands.  The weather is actually great in this area during the winter.  During the summer months it’s too hot to enjoy but during the winter, whew, it’s perfect.

Nice beach in the philippines

Things to do while you’re there

This depends on whether you’re single or not.  Most of our readers are single men so we’ll tailor this to you guys for the most part but make suggestions for everyone else.  Being a single male in the Philippines is a great way to get a girlfriend!  You can easily hop on Pinalove and find a girl or seven to hang out with while you’re in town.  If you’re not into the Filipinas then hey, that’s okay too.  However, this is why a lot of people actually go there in the first place so it’s something we have to mention.  Also, check out the bars on the beaches because it’s a great way to meet local gals that speak English.

Another thing to mention about the Philippines is the sailing.  This isn’t something that most people are into but since there are so many islands it’s a good way to get into their culture.  Sailing has been a huge part of their culture and has adapted over the years.  Many people there are still using traditional ways of sailing to get from place to place and it’s really neat to see.

Their culture there is something that you just have to get involved in.  A lot of people actually speak English really well so it’s not hard to make friends and get around.  They love to eat and they love to share food.  Many times strangers will actually invite you into their homes to eat with them.  It’s rude to say no so definitely take them up on their offer.  It’s something that you won’t regret.  They are really friendly in most areas but it can look a bit sketchy and sometimes you have to watch your back if you’re in the wrong area.  Most of this country looks very third world but it’s really a developing country and it’s something that everyone should experience to see how things are on the other side of the globe.  These bad areas are usually in major cities so ask around check out a few Google searches to figure out which places are dangerous.  Don’t let this scare you, but I’ve heard of people getting robbed by guys with AK-47s and that wouldn’t be a good experience.  If you stay in the right areas this is EXTREMELY unlikely.

manilla philippines skyline

Meeting other travelers, rather it’s backpackers or expats or entrepreneurs is a great experience.  Imagine the awesome kind of people that choose to move to other side of the world to live in a third world country and learn about their cultures.  Also, the backpackers can be a lot of fun to hang out with but they are always in party mode.  If you’re there for mainly a vacation and not to work at all then this can be GREAT fun!

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas of checking out the Philippines. We like to share value with our readers and this is something that most people probably don’t even consider.  It’s a huge mistake to write off countries and places like this because it has a bit of everything to offer  It actually feels like you’re in another world but you usually have a lot of the first world conveniences and warm people around you.

Here Are Four Benefits of Hiring A Professional Painter This Spring


Are you considering taking on a painting project? Maybe you want to paint the entire exterior of your home or interior, or just certain sections, or you might want to have your office painted. Instead of doing it yourself this spring, hire a local business. Surely you’re like most people and you’re getting some taxes back.  Now’s the perfect time to just hire someone while adding value to your home.  Below are a few benefits of hiring a professional painter.



1. Get The Job Done Right- One of the best things about hiring a professional is they will get the job done right the first time around. If you don’t have a lot of experience with painting, the chances are you will make a few mistakes and will either be tempted to leave those mistakes or you will have to go back and correct them. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a room or two painted, the entire interior of your home, or the entire exterior, you want to get it done right, and a professional will get everything right the first time around.

2. Quality Materials- If you’re not a professional and you decide to tackle a project by yourself, you will probably just buy the cheapest materials and products you can find. Ideally, you should only use high-quality materials, but you may not know exactly what you should use. When you hire a professional, they will use quality materials and products because they will likely have knowledge of various paint products and materials. If you want to ensure that the best products are used during your project, then your best bet is to hire a professional painter.

3. Labor- Painting is hard work and the labor involved with it can sometimes be daunting, especially if you have plenty of things to do throughout the day. The last thing you probably want to do is tackle one of these projects that requires a lot of labor and physical work. A professional has the experience and the equipment needed to do the job effectively and they will handle all the labor for you. All you have to do is hire a professional painter and tell them what you want done, receive a quote and once you give them the go ahead, they will get to work on your project.

4. Saves You Time- Perhaps the best thing about hiring a painter is the amount of time you can save, especially if your project involves something major, such as re-doing your entire home’s interior or exterior. The chances are you’re a busy person and you might not have the time to start and complete a project in a timely manner. Instead of spending a lot of time doing it yourself, you can hire a professional, who will do things properly and they will get the job done within a reasonable time frame.

As you can see, hiring a professional is worth it because of all the benefits you get to enjoy. The above benefits are just a few of the many benefits. If you want to experience all the benefits of hiring a professional painter, then hire one as soon as possible.

Buy A Hybrid Bicycle Online

This is an informative review from one of the best hybrid bicycle websites online today.  With Christmas just around the corner, we thought it was a good idea to share where to buy these for that brother-in-law that’s a biker.  If you don’t know anything about bikes then just check out what kind of bike they already have and head on over to for commuter and hybrid bike reviews.  The following article was written by our good friend that’s the website admin over there.  Enjoy!

Santa even bikes!
Image from Even Santa loves bikes!


When writing these articles about hybrid bicycles, there are many different angles in which we could go. The typical ways that these articles are written is in the form of a question. That question usually asked where should you buy a hybrid bicycle? But the truth is that we want you to buy a hybrid bicycle from us and not from anyone else. We want you to buy one from us because we want your business number one, number two we have a huge inventory and we have great prices. Sure there are other places where you can buy hybrid bicycles but we are sure that after you read this article you will know that we are the best place to buy one from.

Local versus online is a huge issue and a question that people have when they want to buy a hybrid bicycle or just about any other object. The issue with this local versus online conversation deals with inventory, availability and price. It is often the case that you can always get a cheaper price by buying online. But that cheaper price comes with having to wait a day or two to get what you want. When it comes to inventory local stores can not match what online vendors can do. Because an online vendor does not have the overhead that a local store has they will always have cheaper prices. They’re cheaper prices isn’t because they like you but it is because of competition and their competition is every other hybrid bicycle website online. So it is competition that drives the lower prices.

It should be clear now that buying online is the best choice for you. It is the best choice for you because you want to save money, what access to a great inventory to choose from and you want a good deal. There really isn’t a local versus online battle but it should be about price and selection. The divide between local and online really really shouldn’t be in place. Because the money spent online helps workers and the money spent locally helps workers. The only thing that helps you is buying online, buying from your local overpriced vendor who probably won’t have what do you need is not a good idea it is not economically sound and it really doesn’t help your local economy.

So what have we learned here? We learned quite a few things. The first thing that you learned is that buying online is the best idea. If it’s the best idea because online merchants have the greatest variety and the largest inventory. We also learned that online vendors have the best prices. We’ve learned that online vendors are really in a capitalistic system. It is capitalistic because they’re cheaper prices are based on competition and other vendors. If they don’t have the right price then you would just buy from somewhere else. This competition means that you always will be able to find the cheapest price online.

So buy your hybrid bicycle from us.

Google seo Tips – What Google Wants!
Google seo Tips – What Google Wants!

Great video in which Ryan gives us some seo recommendations with his own top twn search engine optimization starter guide

Some great points raised here and well worth following in 2016. We are now posting new Seo videos all the time so if you don’t want to miss out, please subscribe 🙂

We will try and cover seo on as many different platforms as possible all on this one channel. We produce are own and also post creative commons videos from our seo experts. Feel free to share and save to your own playlists for future developemnet.

Thanks for passing by and I hope you found these Google seo tips useful.

I created this video with Creative Commons and the YouTube Video Editor (

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Seo Backlinking Video :

Subjects covered in the video:
Google seo Tips
seo recommendations
seo experts
search engine optimization starter guide

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OVOC creates uber cool and trendy brands. We are an award-winning, socially conscious global brand agency established since 2003 with offices in Australia and Singapore. We love working with leaders and inspired individuals who has a purpose to share with the World. We are here because we believe in you, your potential, your dreams, goals and aspire to help you become number 1.
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Logo Design | Graphic Designer | Web Design | Australia | Singapore

5 Basic SEO Tips – SEO can be tough to understand, especially with all the changes and strategies out there. In this video, Jacob shares 5 basic SEO tips that are essential for effective SEO.


Brian Tracy- How To Activate Your Subconscious Mind For Success

Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations.

Brian On Stage
Brian’s goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined.

Brian Tracy has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 5,000,000 people in 5,000 talks and seminars throughout the US, Canada and 55 other countries worldwide. As a Keynote speaker and seminar leader, he addresses more than 250,000 people each year.

He has studied, researched, written and spoken for 30 years in the fields of economics, history, business, philosophy and psychology. He is the top selling author of over 45 books that have been translated into dozens of languages.

He has written and produced more than 300 audio and video learning programs, including the worldwide, best-selling Psychology of Achievement, which has been translated into more than 20 languages.

He speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subjects of Personal and Professional Development, including the executives and staff of many of America’s largest corporations. His exciting talks and seminars on Leadership, Selling, Self-Esteem, Goals, Strategy, Creativity and Success Psychology bring about immediate changes and long-term results.

Prior to founding his company, Brian Tracy International, Brian was the Chief Operating Officer of a 5 million dollar development company. He has had successful careers in sales and marketing, investments, real estate development and syndication, importation, distribution and management consulting. He has conducted high level consulting assignments with several billion-dollar plus corporations in strategic planning and organizational development.

He has traveled and worked in over 80 countries on six continents, and speaks four languages. Brian is happily married and has four children. He is active in community and national affairs, and is the President of three companies headquartered in Solana Beach, California.

What is SEO – What is search engine optimization – seo services tips by seo companies

What is SEO ?

search engine optimization companies for seo services:

SEO is not computer program improvement but search engine optimization that seo service provider offers.
The process of Optimizing your website to rank at
the top position at search result by search
engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing on search
keyword is named SEO.

Example of what is seo : Suppose you have got a SEO company and your product is SEO services. therefore you give SEO services everywhere the globe. Your main target client is WHO needs seo service. therefore what individuals can search on Google to seek out the simplest SEO company ? they’ll merely search by typewriting “best SEO company” or “best SEO firms for tiny business”. during this case your websites keyword got to be set as “best SEO firms for tiny business” or “best SEO company” and well optimized .

What matters for SEO ?

keywords, Title , Description, Backlinks, Reputation and few other things.

We need to grasp why SEO is that the key to success for any business running on on-line. Some individuals use Yellow Page and web log like that to seek out a business however the proportion is to low. the majority use search engines currently a days to seek out any business. There area unit few widespread programme like Google, Amazon, Search, Yahoo ,Bing and far a lot of. Having a staning web site isn’t enough if your site isn’t visible at search on those search engines. as a result of Google is that the most well-liked programme and a few one among your target client won’t grasp your web site address what seo service provider companise optimize that they truly search on Google by specific keywords associated with your business. Then google can counsel high ten websites World Health Organization area unit Google’s programme optimized. Google follow bound algorithmic rule to rank those sites. What is seo ?So, primarily the highest ten sites on google’s first page has the foremost modification to urge client. that’s why your web site ought to be SEO optimized which means optimized with the google’s algorithmic rule to rank on the first page on course keywords associated with your business. Keywords area unit the word or cluster of word by which individuals do search on programme. and therefore the method that seo service companies use of optimize your web site with the search engine’s algorithmic rule is is aware of as SEO. this can be why programme improvement is that the key to success for any on-line business. 94% people remain at the 1st page and do not switch to other pages. 83% of people use google as search engine. Top 3 sites of search engine’s search result are visited by 65% of total visitor.

Learn what is seo and do provide seo services to form search engine optimization companies

Pierry Benjamin’s #BIG Documentary

Pierry proactively builds awareness on key issues in local urban communities through the documentary #BIG! Pierry began community involvement with the youth through “Teen Club”, a youth initiative that has been a part of his parish (Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ) for over 40 years.

While there, Pierry wrote the first marketing plan for The BIG Live Corp, a social enterprise that serves as a vendor for New York City Department of Education. Aimed at raising social status and improving quality of life,The BIG Live raises awareness through socially conscious mentoring aimed at mental health, direct student services, family enrichment, youth summits, fairs and expos.

The BIG Live Corp ( has serviced over a dozen schools, has been featured speaker on Hot97’s Street Soldiers with Fox Five journalist Lisa Evers, highlighted on Nickelodeon’s Stick Stickly’s St. Patrick’s Day Weekend, featured in a full length commercial with the Republican National Committee, has over 1,800 likes on Facebook, 2,400 followers on Instagram, over 45,000 collective views on YouTube and over 19,000 followers on Twitter.

​Pierry Benjamin is currently the New York State Director for the Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI). RLI is a six week national GOP training program that turns grassroots leaders into professional field organizers to run critical campaign operations. Pierry is continuously building his community; through awareness, training and promoting civic engagement. This is #BIG!

Skadeedle Presents 3 Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

Chipper and Derek are back with more SEO tips to help point you in the right direction. We share 3 tips that can set you apart from your competition and make sure all your bases are covered.

Some references for this video include:

Google Keyword Tool –
Check you listings on Google, Bing and other local search engines –
BoostSuite –

How to pick the best keywords for your website (Earlier video that is referenced in this video) –

3 Search Engine Optimization Must-Dos Blog Post –

Showing A Property Well

When going to sell your home, there is more to it than taking pictures and posting them online. You need to hire an agent that has a bold and savvy marketing strategy and who isn’t afraid to spend a little money. We are constantly innovating and adjusting and would love to discuss our approach with you if you’re thinking of selling. Watch our latest video to find out what we do for sellers.

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Realtor DC, MD & VA
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investment minded. design conscious.

12 SEO Tips and Tricks for 2016 from Hundreds of Customers

12 SEO Tips for 2016

1) Is your website mobile friendly?
-Google prefers sites that pass their mobile-friendly test, since it provides a better overall experience for their search engine users.

2) Does your site load quickly?
-Google prefers sites that load quickly for the same reason as they prefer mobile friendly sites – user experience.
-Like a traffic signal, Red is bad, Yellow is cautionary, and Green means all systems are go.

3) Are you listed in the top 100 local business directories?

4) Are you set up on the MOST IMPORTANT Social Media Accounts?

5) Are you aware of what your competition is doing online to rank? will give you great insights into your competition and it’s a great way to see what search terms are sending them customers.

6) Is your website optimized properly?

7) Is your Contact Information Easily Found?

8) VIDEO! Do you have a video embedded on your website

9) Are you listed on free ad sites?

10) Do you have an About Us page?

11) Are you showing Testimonials on your website? How do you look compared to your competition in the search engines?

12) Do other websites link to yours?

*Mobile Friendly, Fast Loading, Listed in local directories, top networking sites, and optimized correctly, with embedded videos and testimonials, having a clear contact and about us page, and having great backlinks.

This is the bare minimum, but of course SEO can go much deeper, like having regularly posted, relevant content, high trust flow, low citation flow, high domain and page authority, being panda and penguin compliant, using schema mark-up, and more.

Now, add up 1 point for each of the above that you’ve got knocked out of the park. What’s your score? How many out of 12 did you just score?

Need help?

If you’ve noticed that your website hasn’t made the grade, don’t worry.
We can help you fix any or all of these issues, unelss you want to do it yourself.
Ranking clients on the first page of Google using the methods listed above is tried and tested
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We’re ranked on Page one for Kansas City SEO Agency, at one point holding over 3 spots on page one (before the last Google Algoithm change) which changed how the front page is displayed.

We have maintained a 5-star rating on Google, have and even have loads of testimonias from our COMPETITORS!

We stay up-to-date on all of the latest Google Altorithm changes (they averaged 1 a day late year!)

We are google parters.

We invest heavily in our own marketing and training to stay ahead of the curve, spending 10s of thousands of dollars just in reasearch.

And we guarantee page one to our clients.