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This is an informative review from one of the best hybrid bicycle websites online today.  With Christmas just around the corner, we thought it was a good idea to share where to buy these for that brother-in-law that’s a biker.  If you don’t know anything about bikes then just check out what kind of bike they already have and head on over to for commuter and hybrid bike reviews.  The following article was written by our good friend that’s the website admin over there.  Enjoy!

Santa even bikes!

Image from Even Santa loves bikes!


When writing these articles about hybrid bicycles, there are many different angles in which we could go. The typical ways that these articles are written is in the form of a question. That question usually asked where should you buy a hybrid bicycle? But the truth is that we want you to buy a hybrid bicycle from us and not from anyone else. We want you to buy one from us because we want your business number one, number two we have a huge inventory and we have great prices. Sure there are other places where you can buy hybrid bicycles but we are sure that after you read this article you will know that we are the best place to buy one from.

Local versus online is a huge issue and a question that people have when they want to buy a hybrid bicycle or just about any other object. The issue with this local versus online conversation deals with inventory, availability and price. It is often the case that you can always get a cheaper price by buying online. But that cheaper price comes with having to wait a day or two to get what you want. When it comes to inventory local stores can not match what online vendors can do. Because an online vendor does not have the overhead that a local store has they will always have cheaper prices. They’re cheaper prices isn’t because they like you but it is because of competition and their competition is every other hybrid bicycle website online. So it is competition that drives the lower prices.

It should be clear now that buying online is the best choice for you. It is the best choice for you because you want to save money, what access to a great inventory to choose from and you want a good deal. There really isn’t a local versus online battle but it should be about price and selection. The divide between local and online really really shouldn’t be in place. Because the money spent online helps workers and the money spent locally helps workers. The only thing that helps you is buying online, buying from your local overpriced vendor who probably won’t have what do you need is not a good idea it is not economically sound and it really doesn’t help your local economy.

So what have we learned here? We learned quite a few things. The first thing that you learned is that buying online is the best idea. If it’s the best idea because online merchants have the greatest variety and the largest inventory. We also learned that online vendors have the best prices. We’ve learned that online vendors are really in a capitalistic system. It is capitalistic because they’re cheaper prices are based on competition and other vendors. If they don’t have the right price then you would just buy from somewhere else. This competition means that you always will be able to find the cheapest price online.

So buy your hybrid bicycle from us.

Business Money Strategy [1/21/16] Increase the Dose of Love in Your Business

BIZ Info Zone Show [1/21/16] Increase the Dose of Love in Your Business …
*Do you separate your heart from your business? or … Is your business centered around your heart?* Guest, *CYNTHIA GARDNER O’NEILL* CEO of Ultimate Wellness LLC and creator of Heartmonics will share how she helps entrepreneurs do bigger business by connecting heart and business in a more powerful way.

During the interview, +Cynthia Gardner O’Neill shares how the heart plays into what we put out into the world, and what comes back to us.

“ABOUT OUR GUEST: * Cynthia Gardner O’Neill is a Wellness Educator, Coach, and Provider | Heartmonizer Life & Business | Research Scientist | Intuitive Healer |Adventure & Wilderness Guide | Faculty of “Serving Mindset” Direction University | Illuminator of Love | Lover of Life

Cynthia is the Founder of the Center for Loving Consciousness and creator of HeartMonics Programs and Courses, Ultimate Wellness, LLC

Cynthia has extensive education, training, degrees, and certifications in complementary and alternative medicine. Her educational credentials include: Wellness and Life Coach, Massage Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Wilderness Guide, TFT Trainer, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Professional, BioAcoustic and EnergyInformatic Research Scientist as well as a Doctored in Divinity. Cynthia will guide you on a wilderness adventure into your heart to discover YOU!

Cynthia leads a life of peace and harmony but she says it hasn’t always been that way. Her own story of trauma, illness, unique experiences with frequency and the power of the heart took her on an adventure to become an expert in the harmonics of the heart, HeartMonics™ Harmonize Life!..


See what is happening AT THE ACADEMY at:

Welcome to the BIZ Info Zone Show… Weekly GHOA and Podcast shows giving you, the Savvy SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR, business information and news that empowers you to …
— express your PURPOSE,
— *PLAN* your next move(s), and
— Strategically Implement to
— increase your PROFITS!

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On the shows and at our Hub, you will find information, blogs, events, and more that will help you grow your business. You’ll find the schedule of the new broadcast shows; from the interviews, to the teachings, to the speakers, and the topics relative to you and your business. Be sure to check back often to get the latest UPDATES.

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– Money (Planning for it, Making it, Keeping it, Spending it, and Giving it away!)
– Doing Business From and With the Heart
– Establishing Rapport
– Health and Wellness
– Speaking (Internet TV, On Stage, In Front of Groups)
– Writing a Book, Publishing Your Own Book
– Ways to Reach 6 and 7-Figure Incomes
– Living an Enriching Life Doing the Business You Love
– More, Much More!

Join us for the B.I.Z. Info Zone Show in the B.I.Z. Info Zone Community

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Show Up In Search Results: SEO In Three Minutes

Ever wonder how to make your website show up higher in Google? In just three minutes, learn the essentials of search engine optimization (SEO) and get tips on how to improve a website’s ranking.

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SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and refers to everything you can do to help your website come up high on search results for relevant queries. For example, let’s say I’m a hypnotherapist working in central London. Ideally, I want anyone wh0 searches “hypnotherapist central London” on Google to see my website in their search results.

In order for this to happen, I need to optimize my website. I need to think about the content, design, images and links with SEO in mind. So how do you do that? While we have created a whole lesson on this topic, I will give you the Cliffs Notes version here: Google and other search engines scan your website in much the same way that a person reads a newspaper.

They start with the big titles, then look at subtitles and images, and finally read the blocks of text, starting at the top of the site and working their way down. As they scan the site, search engines look for key words and phrases to understand what the website is all about. That way, they can display the site in search queries that are relevant to the website’s content. Start by choosing a few key phrases that are relevant to your business.

These are terms that you think people will enter into Google when looking for you. Then, use them in a natural way when you update the SEO settings for each page and on titles, headings and content throughout your site. Why “natural”?

Because Google and other search engines look for text that sounds like it is written for humans. They penalize websites that practice keyword stuffing – writing content with strings of key terms that are meant to impress only search engines.

Next, consider your H1 and H2 carefully and make sure you have included them on every page of your website. Your H1 and H2 are types of headings; they are like newspaper headlines and you want them to include key terms about your business. I will show you one way to add headings to your site. For Google, the H1 is the most important heading on each page. The H2 is the second most important heading – and so on and so forth.

Next, you want to optimize your images. Search engines use robots to scan websites. They can’t actually “see” images so they read their alt text. Write accurate descriptions for all the images on your site and be sure to incorporate your key phrases.

Next, keep in mind that for search engines, location matters so be sure to include your exact address on your website. Google and other search engines will adjust search results based on the location. Let’s say someone is searching for a hairdresser. Google will automatically display the salons and barbershops nearby.

Finally, another good, free way to improve your SEO is to connect your website to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Linking to social networks can help boost your website’s ranking. SEO is one of the hottest words in the web industry and while it can take a bit of time to see results, we’d like to offer one piece of free advice: make sure you keep the content on your website fresh and high quality – well written, original, updated and clear. That alone
will go a long way in boosting your SEO!

Business Money Strategy [SPECIAL 1/20/16] Celebrate Youth on Conscious World Day

BIZ Info Zone Show *SPECIAL*[1/20/16] Celebrate Youth Leadership Development on Conscious World Day
*What can business do to CELEBRATE YOUTH?* +J V Crum, Host of Conscious Millionaire Podcast, has been a guest on the BIZ Info Zone Show and it’s where he learned about Google Grants with +Molly Youngblood Geiger. JV had recently begun the non-profit organization and what he learned about Google Grants is what has helped make a lot of this youth leadership project possible.

This *SPECIAL BROADCAST* is being done to *honor JV’s work and to Celebrate the first ever Conscious World Day, today Wednesday, January 20, 2016.* The focus is to help create the next generation of youth leaders and celebrate those who have successfully completed the program.


This past year, had over 3,000 youth begin the application process for a ,000 grant. The finalists came from more than ten different countries and on Wednesday, January 20, we are honoring them as well as youth leaders worldwide with the first ever global “Conscious World Day.”

To celebrate, a 15 minute podcast is being shared, on which JV interviewed the winner and ten finalists and they discuss the upcoming leadership training from the non-profit.

To help spread the word, the BIZ Info Zone Show is proudly sharing this audio as a Bonus BIZ Show. When you’re a part of the Zone Community, you know how important it is for us as social enterprises to support those who are doing good work in the world like the Conscious World non-profit organization.


*Check out the CW Day Site Here:*

Together, we can help create the next generation of youth leaders worldwide.

Show your support and help us in getting the word out! As always, first and foremost, we want you to always do what feels right for you.

We aren’t asking for money – we’re just asking for your help in getting the word out. Share this page and add your own message.

Peace and Many Blessings,
V. Lynn Hawkins, CEO
P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship

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Best Search engine optimizations (SEO) training institute in Hyderabad

Best Search engine optimizations (SEO) training institute in Hyderabad | THOGARI DIGITAL MARKETING Company and providing excellent Class room for seo training in hyderabad. along with providing jobs. Join immediately if you know or visit demo if you don’t know. only DM institute in Hyderabad.

Brabantia: Mapping New Marketing Strategies for Timeless Housewares

MSL China shares their latest campaign video for Brabantia, one of Europe’s leading design companies for household products.

Brabantia wanted to re-launch in China, and encountered a common challenge most foreign brands face: Earning the trust of quality conscious consumers and business owners that still favor traditional, homegrown brands over foreign ones.

MSL China developed a strategic campaign that used innovative 3D mapping technology to showcase Brabantia’s timeless, functional and contemporary products. The impact of the campaign successfully enabled the brand to penetrate the market, and ultimately, earned a spot into Chinese households.

Sacramento SEO Company | 916.426.4220 | Business Seo

You’ve built your website but now what? How do you get people to see it and call you.
Well savvy business owners know that Search Engine Optimization or SEO is crucial if you want to get more traffic and leads

Simply put we take your website and in as little as 30-45 days for most industries have it ranked on the first page of Google.

We are Sacramento’s premier SEO Experts

We are professional results driven company dedicated to your campaigns success

Our methods are simple
If you don’t have website we will build one for you if desired

If you do have an existing website the first thing we will do is
Competitor and Keyword research which basically is the heart of any SEO campaigns
Using our tried and true methods we will find keywords that people are typing in
when they are ready to buy or purchase your services. This is a break from the traditional
way of doing keyword research based on Googles predicted search volume alone.

The second step is actually the Search Engine Optimization where we make tweaks
to your website to make it more search engineine friendly.

The third and final ongoing step is the magic that we do after your site is optimized
From the time we start this step the process is usually 30-45 days before your site is on the
first page of Google.

Call us today and find our why more and more Sacramento business owners who want results and not a bunch of hype
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PureNRGFx Compensation Plan – The collaboration that made history in marketing and Playboy.
Sign up & be the first person to present this product at your local bar, convenient store, club, liquor store, nightclub, etc.
Also receive a customized flier template from me personally for your marketing adventure when you travel to businesses, this will sure leave an impression on the store owner.

PureNRGFx Compensation Plan – The collaboration that made history in marketing and Playboy.

The PureNRGFx company has teamed up with the multi-BILLION dollar empire, Playboy. Playboy is releasing a brand new Energy Drink to the public this summer. This product is going to be distributed and handled by PureNRGFx team. This team-up is sparking up headlines of being one of the most recognized collaborations in the history of network marketing.

PureNRGFx Compensation Plan – The collaboration that made history between the marketing industry and Playboy.

The network marketing industry is getting ready for what is about to take place. PureNRGFx is a company that was designed and developed with a simple mission in mind; take billion dollar recognized brands; blend them with fun and appealing products and services; then license them for network marketing. PureNRGFx has made this Simple!

PureNRGFx Compensation Plan – The collaboration that made history between the marketing industry and Playboy.

PureNRGFx focus on multi-BILLION dollar industries that are ready for a change and have established and recognized brands; regional, national and international markets that can sustain growth and change; and products that are revolutionary, hot, appealing and have a real story to tell: PureNRGFx will create and open opportunities to tap millions of new customers through strategic partnerships and license agreements all while staying true to its network marketing roots. Never before has a company like PureNRGFx done this before, they truly looked at all areas of how the customer shops until now. Consumers of today are looking at retail, online, on TV and they are always deal conscious and ready. Blend this with the economic conditions of today, PureNRGFx is completely aware of and you have created the perfect storm which is generates industries, global marketplaces and opportunities that are right for the taking.

PureNRGFx Compensation Plan – The collaboration that made history between the marketing industry and Playboy.

Search Engine Optimization for Contractors Ranking Tips Intro

This introductory video introduces the viewer to some basics of Search Engine Optimiazation for Contractors.
We are the most uniquely qualified Internet Marketing Specialists for contractors because we have not only been successful contractors for decades, but have learned through trial and error about contractor internet marketing . We now own and operate a nationwide contracting company that has been in the number one ranked position for many years.

3 Branding Ideas Small Businesses Can Learn From Artifact Uprising

Looking for branding ideas for your small business? Here are three smart branding strategies from Artifact Uprising — a company that knows how to grab our attention and keep us coming back for more.

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