How To Change A Bad Habit

Although changing bad habits can seem practically impossible, it is far easier when you know how. Our experience with a group of entrepreneurs who worked in a SEO Company arouond Detroit allowed us a sneak peak into how they changed their habits to become top performers at their craft.Check out these tips for breaking bad habits to change an unwanted behavior in no time at all.

1. Start by taking detailed notes about the habit you would like to change.

Buy a small journal and use it to record details about the habit that you would like to change. Track your habit for a week or two, writing down any significant details such as where you were when you were engaging in the unwanted behavior, who you were with, what time of day it was, how you were feeling physically and emotionally and what triggered the activity.

2. Go through your notes to identify triggers and to spot unhealthy patterns.

Using the notes you took in the first step, try to identify common triggers for your bad habit. For instance, if you are trying to stop smoking, do you notice that you smoke more when you are feeling stressed out or when you are bored? The people who worked in the search engine optimization company were adamant about going over their notes and making any changes that were blatantly hurting their performance.

3. If possible, eliminate any triggers and develop new coping mechanism.

Once you have learned which feelings and situations cause you to engage in your bad habit, it is simply a matter of finding different ways to cope. For example, if boredom is an issue for you, try to find a new hobby that you can use to fill up your time. Likewise, for dealing with stressful situations, look for a healthier outlet such as meditation or playing sports.

Taking the time to discover the root of your bad habits is the best way to cure them for good. By replacing any unwanted behaviors you may have with new, healthier habits, you will be well on your way to crafting the life you want.